I’m a man. I’m thirty-three years old, and I’ve never had a cavity. That’s not to say I take the best care of my teeth, but we’re not here to talk dental hygiene, are we? We’re not even really here to talk, because “we’re” not here, you are. You stumbled in here, and your curiosity got the better of you, and now you’re very close to heading back to whatever page that linked you here.

I believe in Jesus, and the resurrecting power of His love, and His grace. The Bible in the paper form is just words, but the stories and accounts hold the keys to life’s mysteries if you’ll give them the credence and attendance.

I’m a musician, and I’ve devoted many years of my life to music. I’m primarily a drummer, sort of a guitar player, and even less a singer. I love all types of music. My ear holes are equal-opportunity, and I find something engaging in just about every genre of music (except this new-wave country-pop bullcrap, that stuff is garbage; old country. THE ONLY country).

I’m married to my best friend, and she’s the love of my life. I’m an incredibly selfish, and broken man, and I praise God that she loves me, and supports me. She is the light of my world, and is a portrait of Jesus to me in all ways.

I have children that are perfect alloys of my wife and I. Both are strong willed, both are beautiful. Raising them thus far has been not only the greatest gift, it has been my greatest challenge. Children shape us into the people we ought to be.

I’m an engineer, well, more specifically a network security consulting engineer. I work for Cisco. I’m driven by facts and logic, while being incredibly impulsive, and devoted.

I’m a Washington Capitals fanatic, and I’m hoping every season we don’t fizzle-out in the early stages of the playoffs. Someone explain to me why we can earn the Presidents Trophy each year, yet can’t seal the deal on Lord Stanley? Much like my affinity for the Redskins…it’s the curse of DC sports…lots of love, and no championships in my lifetime.